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What are the shortcomings of hand painting?


what are the shortcomings of hand painting

 UV spraying Machine to solve the manual spray paint highlights the many shortcomings. We all know that there are many shortcomings of the traditional manual spray paint, such as: due to the individual operation is not the same way, it is difficult to control the quality of the batch of products stability and uniformity; low production efficiency, can not meet the needs of mass production;

Manual operation of paint loss, increase the production cost of enterprises; manual operation of the operator itself has a great harm, simple manual spraying station did not carry out the environmental protection treatment of paint mist, environmental pollution; the need for a large number of operators, and now skilled grasp of the spraying technology of the workers is difficult to find, and increase the enterprise's production costs and management costs.

 UV spraying Machine

UV spraying Machine

 Now the only way to use UV spraying Machine can be high-volume, high-quality, stable production to meet the high efficiency of the production requirements of wooden door enterprises. Automated coating into the development trend.

UV spraying Machine is a common name for Automatic spraying Machine. Sprayer and paint booth, paint booth is not the same. Paint booth, paint spraying room is a kind of a large room designed and manufactured for workpiece spraying.

UV spraying Machine is designed for the paint spraying process processing industry, the traditional spraying is a worker holding a paint spray gun in manual form to achieve the surface of the sprayed object through the mould to cover or directly spray the colour of the colour, while the UV spraying Machine can be completed automatically, and can be replaced at the same time or clean the mould, cleaning the paint spray gun, the design of the safety door, dust cover and protection window will be isolated in the paint spraying room, to avoid the adverse effects of paint dust on the operator, enhance the paint dust to the operator. Operators to avoid the adverse effects of paint dust on the operator, improve product quality, significantly improve production efficiency, reduce raw material consumption and cost savings, improve the working environment of employees, protect the health of employees, to solve the problem of pollution of the external environment; reflects the three major features of high efficiency, energy saving,