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What are the main configurations of a small roller coating machine?


What are the main configurations of a small roller coating machine?

  As we all know, small roller coating machine as a series of painting equipment in the machinery of an important equipment, it is in the production of the use of paint loss is small, high efficiency and maintenance is simple and convenient characteristics, generally used in most of the industrial. It uses a uniform rubber roller and uniform steel wheel for parallel tightness, and uniform speed inward rotation, the middle will produce a V-shaped space, the paint flows evenly here, adjust the uniform rubber roller and uniform steel Adjust the tightness between the uniform roller and the uniform steel roller, you can control the thickness and uniformity of the paint adhering to the uniform roller; plate from the conveyor belt forward at a constant speed, and the appropriate contact with the roller, the paint on the roller will be uniformly transferred to the surface of the plate, so as to achieve the desired effect. The desired effect is achieved. So what kind of configuration is used to achieve this effect? We will continue to look down.

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  Roller coating machine rubber roller using imported PU rubber, diameter 220mm, roller surface by computer precision machining. Roller coating machine light roller adopts 130mm diameter light roller, roller surface chrome-plated, by the cylindrical grinding planing processing. Small-sized roll coating machine adopts imported PU rubber as the Rubber roller, diameter can be 220mm, by computer precision machining of the roller surface, plus the configuration of the original British imports do not hurt the PU rubber roller roller surface, scraper can be swung by the motor left and right to the overlay, will be coated with paint uniformly, so as to achieve the effect it wants; small Roller coating machine it uses the imported PU belt conveyor belt, can be resistant to a variety of solvents, to prevent chemical corrosion and lead to the phenomenon of lamination; Finally, a small roller coating machine can be equipped with three imported inverters and three reducers, the whole machine is equipped with a diaphragm pump, A 20L fuel tank and other configurations.