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What are the common problems in the working process of UV curtain coating machine


What are the common problems in the working process of UV curtain coating machine

The paint film treated by the curtain coating machine has smooth surface, good fullness, and no pile paint before and after, which greatly reduces the amount of top paint used. The spacing can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material, accurate and easy to operate, two (or one) coating wheels and conveying using a separate DC speed regulation motor, arbitrary adjustment of the speed (double roller coating can be according to customer needs, take double roller forward or double roller forward and reverse), making the paint thickness and surface smoothness higher, easier to control.

The UV curtain coating machine adopts the original blade imported from Germany, and the minimum thickness of the curtain can be adjusted to 0.08mm. The cutter head of the curtain machine (uv curtain machine) adopts a double column diagonal support structure, which is simple and convenient to adjust and disassemble after use.

curtain coating machine

So what problems will occur when the UV curtain coating machine is working?

The coating thickness is not uniform, the coating surface has pitting spots, the coating surface has circular pits, the coating surface has small bubbles, the coating film is unstable and the film is broken. It is usually caused by the following reasons.

1. Improper formulation of UV coating or storage temperature is too high, storage time is too long, revealing ultraviolet light exposure

2. Start pre-curing, resulting in colloidal small particles

3. Small shavings, sawdust, dust pollute the paint film, caused by improper dust removal.