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UV dryer These risks should be avoided


UV dryer These risks should be avoided

  When using UV dryer, attention should be paid to its temperature detection. The dryer uses heat energy to reduce the water content of the material. But for a dryer, higher is not better. We should properly adjust the temperature control of UV dryer, and try to test the temperature of UV dryer.

  1. When the temperature of the working room is contacted with the setting temperature, the integral indicator lamp will open and close, indicating that it has entered the adjustment stage. Sometimes the measured temperature exceeds the set temperature, and sometimes the low dry setting temperature belongs to the temperature control range of the dry main hall.

  2. When the temperature is high, the first setting method can be used. If the required working temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, the first setting is 90 degrees Celsius and the second setting is 100 degrees Celsius, it can be reduced to eliminate the phenomenon of ultra-high temperature

And enter the constant temperature state as soon as possible. After the test, turn off the power and wait for about 5 minutes before opening the box to prevent burns.


  3. If the humidity of the drying material in the vacuum drying chamber is high, the water vapor produced will affect the performance of the vacuum pump. It is recommended to insert a "drying/filter" between the vacuum drying chamber and the vacuum pump.

  4. If nitrogen and other inert gases need to be added during the drying process, additional inlet valves shall be provided in the contract.


  UV dryer is mainly used in coating, plastic and other industries. In product quality testing, it is very important to ensure the performance standard of drying equipment. We should pay attention to the following points to ensure its performance standards.

  1. The installation site should be equipped with appropriate capacity of air and power switches.

  2. The number and time of opening the door should be planned in the test phase.

  3. During the operation of the equipment, the operator should check whether the water supply is sufficient.

  4. There is appropriate maintenance space around the equipment, which is convenient for operators to use.

  5, the equipment does not work, should be kept dry. When the work is finished, the water should be released promptly, and the studio and box should be cleaned promptly.

  6. If the equipment is not used for a long time, the next time you use UV dryer, you must carefully check the water source, power supply and components to ensure that the check is correct before starting the equipment:

  7, when using the machine, should avoid opening the door too many times and too long.

  8, after the completion of UV drying, the operator should put the plastic cover on it to prevent dust intrusion. If you find dust, you should always clean  up.