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Roller coating machine routine operation steps in detail


Roller coating machine routine operation steps in detail

  Roller coating machine is mainly applied to paint roller coating for panel furniture, cabinet door panels, flat doors, metal plates and so on. Roller coating machine can replace the traditional spraying, save time, save labor, good environmental protection, relative to spraying can save paint 48.8%.

1、Check:see if there are tools on the conveyor belt of the roller coating machine, whether there are rags and other foreign objects between the steel rollers and rubber rollers and clean them up; check whether the air hose of the oil pump is connected, whether the power indicator is on; whether the paint is heated up to 35 ° -50 °.

2、Measure:measure the thickness of the flat workpiece with vernier calipers and make a note of it.

3、Adjust the height:Crank the lifting handle by hand to adjust the height of the roller. When adjusting the double stick roller coating machine, be sure to adjust the height of the front and rear two sets of rollers.

4, check the height: put the flat workpiece under the roller, and then adjust the height of the roller until the flat workpiece just touches the roller; take out the flat workpiece, and then rotate the lifting handwheel down 2-3 turns.

5, leaning: rotate the adjusting wheel gap handle, until the steel wheel and rubber rollers have no gap, and then rotate the handle 2-3 laps will be the steel wheel and rubber wheels against the tight.

roller coating machine

6, refueling: open the oil pump switch, add paint to the steel roller and rubber roller between, until the paint flow to the end of the two rollers.

7, start: open the rubber roller switch and then open the steel roller switch, in order to obtain a more flat fine grain coating, the rotation speed of the steel roller should be slower than the rubber roller; open the conveyor switch, the conveyor speed and the rubber roller line speed to the same, so as to avoid the emergence of the phenomenon of the paint heap pile end.

8、Production:Place the flat workpiece on the conveyor belt and adjust accordingly according to the effect of roller coating.

9、Cleaning:Turn off the paint switch on the oil pump, use the matching cleaning agent to clean the paint on the steel roller and rubber roller, and separate the steel roller and rubber roller until there is a gap between the two rollers.

10、Shut down the machine:Turn off the power switch, turn off the air pipe switch, turn off the paint heating drum switch.