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How to operate the roller coating machine?


How to operate the roller coating machine?

At present, roller coating machine has been widely used in all walks of life, the application range is more and more wide! The main advantage of the roller coating machine is that it is efficient and saves paint. Environmental protection is becoming more and more important in a society with increasingly stringent environmental assessment requirements, and there is an increasing shortage of social workers.

In addition, the post-80s and post-90s are less willing to work hard, so they rely more on machines. In the spraying industry, paint has a great impact on health, so many people are reluctant to do this industry, resulting in the factory can not produce. Roller coating machine and paint machine to fill the defects in this area! Roller coating machine coating amount is small, recyclable, good effect, labor saving and other advantages have been recognized and favored by most manufacturers! Roller coating machine is mainly suitable for custom furniture. Cabinet door panel. Flat door. Roller paint on the board, etc. The roller coating machine can replace the traditional paint, save time, protect the environment, and save 4.8% paint compared with the spray river.

1. Check: check whether there are tools on the conveyor belt of the roller coating machine, and whether there are foreign objects such as rags between the roller and the rubber roller and clean them up; Check whether the gas pipe of the oil pump is connected and whether the indicator light is on; Whether the paint is heated to between 35°-50°.

2. Measurement: Use a micrometer to measure the thickness of the plate workpiece and write it down.

3. Adjust the height: lift the rocker by hand and adjust the height of the roller. When adjusting the double rod roller coating machine, the height of the two groups of rollers needs to be adjusted.

Roller coating machine

4. Height check: place the plate workpiece under the drum, and then adjust the height of the drum until the plate workpiece happens to meet the drum; Take out the plate workpiece, and then rotate the lifting handwheel to reduce 2-3 turns.

5. Rely on: Rotate the rocker to adjust the steel wheel gap until there is no gap between the steel wheel and the rubber roller, and then rotate the handle 2-3 rounds to tighten the steel wheel and the rubber wheel.

6. Oil feeding: Turn on the oil pump switch and add the paint between the rolling rod and the rubber roller until the paint flows into the end of the two rollers.

7. Start: Open the rubber roll switch, and then open the roll switch. In order to obtain a relatively flat wrinkle coating, the roller will rotate slower than the rubber roller; Open the transport switch, adjust the transport speed and the speed of the rubber roller line to the appropriate speed, to avoid the phenomenon of paint piling up.

8. Production: Place the plate workpiece on the conveyor belt and adjust it accordingly according to the rolling coating effect.

9. Cleaning: turn off the paint switch on the oil pump, clean the paint on the roller and the rubber roll with the supporting cleaner, separate the roller and the rubber roll until there is a gap between the two rollers.

10. Shutdown: Turn off the power switch, gas pipe switch, paint heating bucket switch.