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Daily use of roller coating machine


Daily use of roller coating machine

Rolling coating machine is used for painting equipment, how is the equipment used in ordinary days?

First of all, check whether there are foreign bodies on the conveyor belt, whether there are scrap cloth and other foreign bodies between the steel rod and the cots and organize them. Also check whether the gas pipe of the oil pump is properly connected, whether the power indicator is on, and whether the paint is on

Heat to 35°-50° etc.

Daily use of roller coating machine

And then measure. Using vernier caliper to measure the thickness of the plate workpiece, convenient conditioning height. Then swing the lifting handle by hand to adjust the height of the roller. In conditioning double stick roller coating machine, be sure to adjust the height of the two groups of rollers before and after. Then check, put the flat workpiece under the roller, adjust the height of the roller, until the flat workpiece just touches the roller, take out the flat workpiece, rotate the lifting hand wheel to reduce 2-3 turns, rotate and adjust the gap handle of the steel wheel until there is no gap between the steel wheel and the rubber roller, then rotate the handle to tighten the steel wheel and the rubber roller.

The next step is to add oil. Turn on the oil pump switch and add paint between the steel roller and the rubber roller until the paint flows to the end of the two paint cans. In order to achieve a flat layer of fine grain, the steel stick must rotate slower than the cots. Ultimately, it's production. Clean up immediately after delivery.