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Can the wood to be drenched be drenched directly?


Can the wood to be drenched be drenched directly?

1. Since the main component of water-based paint is water, the material used in the water-based paint circulation system must be stainless steel.

2. Water is highly conductive, so there is a big difference between the curtain coating machine for waterborne paints and the curtain coating machine for solventborne paints. In order to prevent high voltage static electricity from leaking into the main circulation line, the drenching machine uses a piston pump instead of a gear pump inside the drenching machine, and disconnects the drenching circuit from the main circulation line, preventing danger from occurring when using the drenching machine.

3. Winter construction of indoor works should be carried out under heating conditions, room temperature to maintain a balanced, should not be less than +10 degrees, and shall not be sudden changes, there should be a person in charge of the temperature measurement of the curtain coating machine  and open and close the doors and windows, in order to facilitate the ventilation to remove moisture, summer construction should be added to the coating of the white water, to prevent moisture whitening. Water-based varnish construction to maintain ventilation. Prevent mold in summer.

4. The general wood surface to be painted should be sanded with 200-grit sandpaper initially and then sanded with 600-grit sandpaper to make it flat and smooth. Fine woodwork can be sanded directly with 600-grit sandpaper. Fine sandpaper sanding will make the wood grain close and reduce the grain phenomenon.

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