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Advantages and operation mode of UV dryer machine


Advantages and operation mode of UV dryer machine

UV dryer machine is equipped with intelligent high-speed conveying mechanism.The UV drying temperature is controlled by H class 180℃.The UV drying speed is fast to meet the high-speed processing conditions. It is widely used in large-scale printing industries such as cigarette label packaging printing, color printing packaging printing and printing.

UV dryer machine has the advantage of flexible application. The original offset printing machine is generally in the printing enterprise does not have UV drying device, but can only rely on the connection of the UV dryer machine for UV printing.UV dryer machine flexible matching device connected to the offset printing machine. It has the advantages of fast speed, energy saving and environmental protection, which can be rapidly promoted in the printing and painting industry and occupy a large market. As the development of low-carbon economy requires a global trend, from the point of view of low-carbon emission reduction and environmental protection, UV dryer machine fully meets the requirements of environmentally friendly production technology. In the long run, UV technology has great potential in environmental technology. In the future, traditional drying systems, such as ovens, will certainly be completely replaced. Improved product drying efficiency.

Our UV dryer machine is designed with special cooling mechanism to dry blue paint online with low temperature. Anti-solder green paint drying has lamp aging and fault detection function. Text baking paint has various safety devices and fault display area. Liquid green paint/dry film reinforcement conforms to the design and manufacture of electrical regulations and electrical safety standards. Humanized operation and easy maintenance.

UV dryer has three operation modes, i.e. heating drying, cooling drying and temperature adjusting drying.

UV dryer machine

1、Warming drying mode: generally in the low-temperature humid environment, the unit automatically runs the warming drying mode, drying without lowering the indoor temperature.

2、Cooling drying mode: generally in the high temperature and humid environment, the unit automatically runs cooling drying mode, the heat generated by the operation of the equipment has cooling water discharged into the atmosphere.

3、Temperature-regulating drying mode: when the temperature reaches the requirement, the set will automatically run the temperature-regulating drying mode, drying the air under the condition of constant temperature.