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Advantages and disadvantages of curtain coating machine


Advantages and disadvantages of curtain coating machine

A curtain coating machine is mainly used for top coat painting operations. It is used to paint objects by passing them through a curtain of falling paint at a certain speed, so the machine used for drenching is called a curtain coating machine.

Advantages of curtain coating machine.

1、Adjustment of coating film thickness is precise, and the overall coating surface is even.

2、Equipped with paint recycling device. Paint can be recycled, eliminating the waste of paint.

3、Conveyor belt is made of high quality resin, solvent resistant and easy to clean.

4、Paint conveying pump adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, with stable flow control.

5、Painting efficiency is very high, low labor intensity, can form a continuous operation of the assembly line production.

6、Simple operation, good workability, can implement isolated closed operation, good labor protection.

7、Double shower head can be used for coating of two-component paint.

curtain coating machine

Disadvantages of curtain coating machine.

1、It is only applicable to the coating of plane-like surface, and cannot coat vertical surface. Therefore, it is not suitable for the coating of complex graphics and irregular objects.

2、It is suitable for repeated use of the same kind of paint, but it is not suitable for small batch coating of many kinds of paints, because the paint circulation system must be cleaned before replacing the paint.

3、Soft articles (such as paper, cloth, leather) must be taut and flat on the hard board to be painted.

4、The coating film of one time coating is thicker, not suitable for thin layer coating.